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First Look: Tales of Graces Hatsune Miku DLC

So this is why they gave Sophie pig tails!


Tales of Graces took delivery of its Idol Master costume downloads just two days back. If you're all worn out on dressing Sophie like Eri, Pascal like Ai, and Cheria like Ryo, you'll have to wait just a few additional days for another DLC option.

As revealed last week in Famitsu, Namco Bandai also has an Hatsune Miku costume on the way. This can be worn exclusively by Sophie, who already has the long hair to match.

Pricing for the Hatsune Miku costume is set at 400 WiiPoints. It will be available on the 23rd at 13:00. (Don't you just love how Namco Bandai provides the exact time of availability?)

There's more to the Graces DLC than just collaboration costumes. Namco Bandai has also equipped the game with a "Challenge Battle" mode. In this mode, you download enemy group info via the internet and earn "battle points" which can be used in an internet battle ranking.

Currently, six of these Challenge Battle battles are available for download. You can see a few here. For specifics see the Namco Bandai-provided details at 4Gamer.

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