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These are Your Final Fantasy XIII Ultimania Guides

Two guides cover all there is to know about Final Fantasy XIII.


Amazon has posted images of the Final Fantasy XIII Ultimania guides. Have a look here:

To the left, the Scenario guide (complete with the artwork that was featured on the cover of Dengeki a few weeks back). This guide covers the main scenarios for each of the six main characters, and includes full area maps with enemy and treasure locations. Those interested in completing all the missions will find a foldout poster showing the location of all the l'Cie obelisks and their target beasts, along with strategies. Also included are analysis of the characters and worlds, and development staff interviews.

To the right, the Battle guide. This includes a full guide to the new battle system, a quick chart showing the Crystarium and abilities for each character, item data, enemy data and strategies, and an equipment reform guide. There's also a foldout poster showing ability lists for each role, which should be helpful when assembling your party.

Both guides will be released on January 18, priced at ¥1,575 for the Scenario guide and ¥1,680 for the Battle guide.

Amazon does't list the page counts, but both guides will probably be absurdly thick.

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