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Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep has Silver Packaging

Details on the game's Jump Festa showing.


Spotted in Square Enix's Jump Festa booth:

That's the "Kingdom Hearts Edition" hardware bundle for Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. It looks like the included PSP-3000 isn't all that's silver.

Meanwhile, in Sony's booth, I found the box for the set:

(The flask is there because Sony's booth was set up like a classroom. This was a "self study area" where you could learn about Sony's various systems.)

It's unclear if the packaging for the standard edition Kingdom Hearts will be silver as well, or if this is just for the bundle.

Kingdom Hearts was the big attraction at Square Enix's Jump booth this year. The game was given a large demo area, with a closed line which could only be entered by those who obtained a ticket earlier in the day. Expectedly, the tickets ran out quick.

While waiting in line to enter the actual play area, you were treated to the latest Square Enix trailers. Most of the footage was old, although joining a short new teaser for Final Fantasy Versus XIII was the latest Birth by Sleep trailer.

I'm not sure what exactly was new in the trailer, which was set to the classic Utada Hikaru KH theme song. In the story sequences I was able to catch glimpses of recent character reveals, including Hironobu Sakaguchi lookalike Eraquis and Crisis Core Hero Zack. Gameplay showed off lots of D-Link moves and mini games from the game's board game component, including an energetic rhythm dance game with Huey, Dewey, and Louie, and a vehicle race scene.

You'll find additional information on the trailer's story components at FF Reunion (in Japanese).

As for the Versus trailer, see this story.

The actual game demo was split into multiplayer and single player sections. You weren't able to select. I was filed into the single player area where I found three possible scenarios: A Cinderella stage for Aqua, a Lilo and Stitch "Deep Space" stage for Ventus, and a Hercules "Olympic Coliseum" stage for Tera.

I ended up playing the Cinderella stage. It was mostly cinematics, although I was able to try out the D-Link system, which lets your borrow attacks from other characters.

There's less than three weeks to go until Birth By Sleep sees final release, so the public at large will at long last get to try out the true next entry in the Kingdom Hearts series soon.

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