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Hudson Unveils New Wii Game at Jump Festa

A mini game collection? On the Wii!?


Hudson was one of the few publishers promising a new title of some form at Jump Festa. The publisher did indeed have a new title in its booth, in playable form no less.

Titled "O-warai Party Game 100 Bakusho!" (this translates to something along the lines of "Funny Party Game 100 Roaring Laughter"), the new Wii game is a mini game collection, with a twist. Actually, scratch that. There doesn't really seem to be a twist here.

Hudson shows off a new Wii game at Jump.

As detailed in Impress Watch's coverage from the event, Party Game 100 Bakusho promises simple controls for its 100 included mini games. Sample game names include "Tank Battle 2," "Super Stunt," "Let's Fry," "The Hard Puncher," "Bomb Heading," "High Speed Drum," and "Dive Danger 50%."

You're going to have to use your imagination if you want to know what these games are. I suppose I could have played the game to get the details, but I absoultely refuse to line up for any amount of time to play a mini game collection.

Party Game 100 Bakusho hits in 2010.

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