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Etrian Odyssey III Official Site Update

What beverage does the chief designer drink after bathing?


The Etrian Odyssey III site got some actual content today, bringing it up to speed with the information released a few weeks back in Famitsu and the likes. Let's take a look-see.

Under the story section, you'll find a video from what looks like an early point from the game, as you first arrive in the seaside city of Amroad. Before getting excited, I'll warn you that the video is just a bunch of text boxes.

The character section has a look at five of what appears to be ten character classes: princess (and prince), shinobi, pirate, phalanx, and monk.

The system section of the site has a look at the mapping system. As with past Etrian Odyssey games, one of the selling points for Etrian Odyssey III is that players map out their own dungeons using the stylus.

In addition to mapping out 3D dungeons, EOIII actually has a second mapping system. While exploring the seas surrounding Amroad, you'll be able to create a map of land forms, currents, and other features. This part of the game is not introduced at the site yet, but does appear to be one of the main systems for the game, as it was introduced in the initial magazine articles.

Also check the development blog for a look at the design process for Amroad.

From sketch (left) to final (right).

Chief designer Yokomichi (not sure of the first name) writes that he used a number of real life cities as a reference for creating Amroad. Among them was Dubrovnik in Croatia. After having taken a bath and while drinking milk, he saw a television special about the city.

Other cities included Ital's Amalfi and the Santorini Islands.

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