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Select Your Version of NieR at the Official Site

New official site shows differences between PS3 and Xbox 360 versions.


Now Square Enix is getting in on the NieR comparisons. The company opened an official site today for the two NieR games, and when you first visit, you're required to make a choice:

Choose Xbox 360's Gestalt to the left, or PS3's Replicant to the right.

Both sites have sections for story, character and special available. Both character sections show Nier, Kaine, and Grimoire Weiss (the magic book). Both special sections have downloads for the game's TGS 2009 movie.

The two versions of the site are cross-navigatable. On every page, you can click an icon on the lower right of the screen to see the same page under the other version. This is particularly interesting for the character and story sections. In the character section, Kaine and Grimoire Weiss have the same profile text across both versions while NieR, being unique between the two titles, does not share the text. In the story section, the text changes between the two versions, but a couple of the screens remain the same.

Kaine in Gestalt (left) and Replicant (right).

Also notable different between the two sites is the background music. It appears that the two games will have different theme songs. From what I can hear, neither is in Japanese (I'm sure of this for Gestalt, but I could be wrong about Replicant).

It should be interesting to see how similar the two NieRs end up being when they see release in 2010.

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