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Idol Master Concert Hits Home

Mr. Producer! It's Home, Home!!


Idol Master has a proper sequel on the way. But for what platform?

PlayStation 3 seems a likely candidate. Recently, Namco Bandai announced that the PSP entry in the series topped 1 million pieces of download content sales. And now there's this:

Screens in PlayStation Home's Home Square area are, it appears (I'm still on a Home strike), now showing a teaser for the next Idol Master concert, set for some time in January. Different from past concerts, this one will take place in Home.

The teaser footage has been uploaded to YouTube:

In the video, idol Haruka says "Mr. Producer! It's Home, Home!!" She then goes on to do her little perky idol dance across the stage.

This will be another way for Idol Master fans to show their support... with their wallets. The trailer proudly proclaims, complete with an exclamation point, "There will be a variety of related clothing items for sale that will help heat up the concert!"

For sale. Expect a press release from Namco Bandai some time next year proclaiming Idol Master to be the highest selling franchise in Home.

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