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Intel Wants Wii Successor to Use Larrabee

Chip maker reportedly in talks with Nintendo over next generation game plan.


Freelance technology writer Hiroshige Goto recently reported on Sony's next generation gaming plans and how they may not involve the Cell processor. He's back with another installment of its Weekly Overseas News column at Impress Watch, and this time the focus is Nintendo.

According to Goto, Intel has been attempting to get Nintendo to make use of its upcoming Larrabee processor. Due to the timing, explains Goto, the target for Larrabee would likely be a true next generation machine rather than Wii HD, which Goto says is widely rumored to be planned for 2010 release and would thus need to have been in its final development phases when Intel approached Nintendo.

Goto does not provide specifics on what kind of talks are taking place between Nintendo and Intel at this point, stating that he himself does not know. Much of the article consists of conjecture over why incorporating Larrabee into a Wii successor might be good for both Nintendo and Intel, despite Larrabee's aggressive push for power and Nintendo's more conservative approach to processing technology may seem at odds with one-another.

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