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Win Every Single From Software Game Ever Made

Just in case you don't have enough Armored Core in your collection.


It's December 27. That means time is running out on your chance to win every single From Software game ever made.

From Software kicked off a Christmas campaign on the 23rd (I'm not sure why, but the campaign is actually referred to as a "Not Christmas campaign). Every day through today, the company has been unveiling some new gift which will be given away via a drawing.

As shown at the campaign gift page, gifts include personal items from From staffers and other bits of worthless swag. But the big item was actually unveiled on the first day of the campaign:

That's a collection of every single From Software game ever made. The set of 77 titles includes everything from 1996's King's Field to December 10, 2009's Shinsengumi Bakumatsuden Portable.

You can see a full list of titles, along with the procedures for getting your name entered, at the prize page.

For those not based in Japan, or those who would rather not have their game collections filled with a million Armored Core games, From has also made available some sweet wallpapers for 3D Dot Game Heroes, Armored Core Silent Line Portable, Shinsengumi Bakumatsuden Portable, and Tenchu Kurenai Portable. Access these at the wallpaper download page.

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