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Fist of the North Star Official Site Opens

Latest on Koei's pairing of Dynasty Warriors and Hokuto no Ken.


Koei's unlikely pairing of Fist of the North Star and Dynasty Warriors saw its announcement back in October to rave acclaim -- and not just from gamers.

A couple of months later, and Koei has at last started opening up on the game. Joining the opening of a full official website (complete with low and high quality options), the company provided screens with the online media. Meanwhile, Famitsu hosted a loud four page spread in this week's issue.

The official site has sections for mode, stage, characters, action, story, and gallery. Of these, only the first three are active.

The mode section is split into "Dentou" and "Gentou" sections. These are the two announced modes of play for the game. The former, which has a couple of videos at the site, replicates the original Fist of the North Star story through the battle between Kenshiro and Raoh. The latter has an original story that differs from the original series and offers different battles. Famitsu states that you'll be able to select your character of choice for this mode, although it does not provide a playable character list.

These two modes are just what have been announced at present, Famitsu notes. This suggests that more modes could be on the way.

In the stages section, you'll find a glimpse at four stages: Cassandra, Hokuto Dojo, and Holy Cross Mausoleum. These locations should all be familiar to fans of the series.

Cassandra (left) and Hokuto Dojo (right).

In the character section, you'll find looks at Kenshiro, Toki, Mamiya, Raoh and Rei. The characters all feature original costumes prepared just for the game.

Screenshots also confirm that Shin will appear in the game. Famitsu's article speculates that the character will appear in the form of a boss.

One of Shin's attacks appears to have him mark up Kenshiro, who's being held from behind by an enemy, with the seven scars, just like in the original Fist story line.

Shin marks up Kenshiro.

The gameplay section of the site is currently inactive, but Famitsu did get a few details, some of which should be apparent just be look at the screens Koei handed out.

You'll be able to take control of characters like Kenshiro and Rei in combat that looks like Dynasty Warriors on steroids (this is the one instance where that cliche really does apply). Screens show Kenshiro slamming the ground to take out masses of enemies in one go. Rei can be seen using his Nanto Suichouken move, and Kenshiro his Hokuto Hyakuretsuken move.

Rei's Nanto Suichouken move.

One shot shows Kenshiro picking up a giant drum can. Do this, and a cursor will appear on screen. This is presumably for precisely targeting things.

Notice the targeting cursor?

Famitsu also shows Kenshiro grabbing an enemy for his Hokuto Ginkaiken move. In the manga, the enemy dies three seconds after Kenshiro lets go. Famitsu doesn't state for sure if this will happen in the game as well (although it probably will!).

Will the enemy die after three seconds?

There's no end to the jokes about Koei's milking of the Dynasty Warriors series, but this particular crossover could end up being a big hit. This week's Famitsu places the game fifth in its most wanted chart, below Dragon Quest VI, Dragon Quest X, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and Ni no Kuni.

Fist of the North Star Musou hits both PS3 and Xbox 360 in March.

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