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Nippon Ichi CEO Promises Increased PS3 Support

Sohei Shinkawa details upcoming plans for Disgaea publisher.


Nippon Ichi seems to be giving PSP much of its attention, with three of its big early 2010 titles on the way for the portable. But another Sony platform could be seeing major support from the publisher soon.

In commentary shared with the latest Degenki PlayStation, Nippon Ichi CEO Sohei Shinkawa said that his company plans on gradually increasing software support for the PlayStation 3 this year. While not sharing specific titles, he said that the studio hopes to make use of new techniques for visuals with the PS3 games.

But PSP is the big focus early in the year. In the interview, Shinkawa refered to Zettai Hero Kaizou Keikaku, Classic Dungeon, and Prinny 2 as the three titles he'd like to push for the first part of the year.

Nippon Ichi's three big titles for early 2010.

Regarding Zettai Hero, due for release on March 11, Shinkawa referred to this as an orthodox dungeon RPG, but with lots of new elements. In developing this game, he got the feeling of forgetting that he's working, something that he previously received from La Pucelle and Disgaea.

Noting that Zettai Hero is in development by the people who brought us Disgaea, Shinkawa made it a point to note that Nippon Ichi is not through with the Disgaea series. Disgaea is an important series, he said. They've decided to try something new here because they don't believe players want them to simply take the safe route and release Disgaea after Disgaea.

For Classic Dungeon, due for February 18, Shinkawa made note of the retro feel and the abundance of "yarikomi" gameplay elements which promise to suck up your play time. The mix of these two elements give the feeling of the game inheriting the DNA of Disgaea, said Shinkawa. He also noted that Classic Dungeon is being directed by Shinichi Ikeda, graphic chief on Disgaea and director of Soul Cradle.

On Prinny 2, due for March 25, Shinkawa said that the sequel would, expectedly, have increased volume and quality. Additionally, because some found the original to be a bit on the tough side, they'll be adding additional difficulty settings. Action pros needn't worry, though, as the game's difficult areas will still be in place.

Prinny 2 was only recently fully unveiled.

Nippon Ichi has titles on the way following these, of course. In addition to adventure games, the company is working away at RPGs, which Shinkawa described as being large scale by Nippon Ichi standards. Players will be surprised by some of the members working on some of these projects, he said.

Looks like we can expect a whole lot this year from the Disgaea publisher.

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