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Capcom Doing the Honors for God of War Collection

HD remastered version arrives a week before GoW III.


Sony is publishing God of War 3 here. This may seem like non-news, except that Capcom had served as publisher on the first two God of War games and the PSP game.

Capcom still appears to have a stake in the franchise, though. God of War Collection, which bundles together remastered versions of the two PS2 GoW games on a PS3-bootable disc, will be released through Capcom.

Capcom opened an official site today for the game. The page has links to the official sites for the other GoW games (including an external link to Sony's GoW III site) and comparison pics showing just how fierce the PS3 updates make Kratos look.

While the rest of the world has been beating down as HD Kratos since last year, the Japanese GoW Collection won't hit until March 18. That's a week before GoW III's as-yet-unannounced March 25 release date.

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