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Dragon Ball Origins Sequel Lets You Control Goku's Friends

New features for Game Republic RPG sequel.

Goku and friends return for a new DS RPG adventure.

The big change for Dragon Ball Origins 2 is the addition of button controls. Or so we all thought. Famitsu has an update on the sequel in this week's issue, and there seems to be at least one additional major change.

In addition to controlling Goku just like in the original, the sequel will give you the chance to control Goku's friends. Artwork and screens in the magazine show Bulma, Yamcha, Krillin, and Hacchan. At certain points in the story, you'll play as these characters instead of Goku.

Famitsu also has a first look at the games new "Survival Tower" mode. In this multiplayer mode, you and a friend team up to work through a series of stages. These stages may be pretty tough, as screenshots in the magazine show appearances by the story mode's bosses!

As the "Survival Tower" name might suggest, Survival Tower mode is set up like a tower. As you advance up the tower, you'll face off against stronger enemies.

First announced in late December, Dragon Ball Origins 2 (that's just a guess at the game's overseas name; here in Japan it's known as Dragon Ball DS 2) is Game Republic's second attempt at a DS Dragon Ball game. Players take control of Goku for an action RPG experience similar to the originall.

Outside of the above changes, Origins 2 adds button controls to the original's all-stylus controls and changing costumes that let Goku match up with the current stage.

Namco Bandai is also including the 1986 Famicom title Dragon Ball: Shen-Long no Nazo in full.

Origins 2 is set for release here on February 11.

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