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Knights in the Nightmare set for PSP

Sting swaps the stylus for the analogue pad and adds a new intro.

Scenes from the DS version of Knights in the Nightmare.

If there's a portable system out there, Sting will probably target it with a version of every single one of its strategy titles. According to this week's Famitsu, Knights in the Nightmare is the latest Sting strategy title to make the platform jump, with publisher Atlus readying the title for an April release on PSP.

Knights in the Nightmare was originally released in September 2008 for the DS as the fourth entry in a series of titles that also includes Riviera and Yggdra Union. Players use the stylus to guide a wisp character in command troops of an isometric grid. The game has a shooting element, as the wisp is under constant fire from enemies. In fact, the enemies can attack only the wisp, forming a triangular relationship between the wisp, the enemies who attack the wisp, and your allies who attack the enemies and are commanded by the wisp.

Despite the loss of stylus controls, the PSP version of Knights still puts players in control of the wisp character. Instead of a direct pointing device, you now control the wisp via the analogue pad. The controls are being fine-tuned for this change, according to Atlus.

Aside from the control changes, the Famitsu article highlights three new features for the PSP:

  • A new opening anime from the creator of the PSP Yggdra Union opening.
  • "Talk Collection" mode which stores the dialogue of the game's over 200 characters as you encounter them. Getting all these will take some work, according to Famitsu.
  • Tutorial Mission which explains the unique gameplay systems.

There could be more additional features on the way. But probably not too many, as the PSP version of Knights in the Nightmare is, according to Famitsu, 100% complete!

A release is set for April 22 at the very full price of ¥6,279.

You can get a first look at the PSP version at Famitsu.com.

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