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Million Ton Bara Bara Demo hits Next Week

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Sony debuted a playable build of Million Ton Bara Bara at the Jump Festa event in late December. For those who couldn't make it to that, the game will be playable at the upcoming World Hobby Fair, which tours Japan starting this weekend.

But for those who can't make it to any of those events, there's an easier way to sample the game. On January 21, Sony will make available a demo of the game for download via PSN. The demo is titled "10,000 Ton Demo Version" and will include three stages that won't be in the final build.

PSP owners actually have a good amount of demo content to look forward to. The Eye of Judgment will see a demo on the 15th. Already available for download is the second Gladiator Begins demo and a demo for D3 Publisher's Misshitsu no Sacrifice.

Based off my play experience at Jump, of these demos, Bara Bara is the one most deserving of your download bits. The creative process that brought us Yuusha Kuse (aka Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman!) appear to have another potential sleeper here.

To hold you over until the 21st, check out the game's latest trailer.

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