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Sony Releasing Digital Video Recorder Kit for PS3

Record broadcasts in HD for viewing on your PS3 and PSP.


Sony will be giving PlayStation 3 owners a chance to convert their system into a digital video recorder shortly. The company announced today plans for a kit that will give the system the ability to record HD digital television broadcasts.

The kit is named "Torne." Priced at ¥9980, the kit includes a digital tuner that plugs into the PS3 via USB and the software required for viewing, browsing and recording programs.

The software, installed form an included Blu-ray disc to the PS3's hard disc, offers a fast, advanced interface for browsing a programming guide, searching for programs, and setting up recordings. Developed by Sony's game development staff, the app makes use of the PS3's advanced processing capabilities.

Programs are recorded to the PS3's hard disc or to an external hard disc that's connected via USB. Recording can be made to take place even when the system is in standby mode and when you're using the other functionality of the system's XMB interface, or when you're playing games or viewing Blu-ray/DVD movies. The application supports recording in full HD.

By connecting your PSP or PSP go to your PS3 via USB, you'll be able to copy programs over to Memory Stick Duo or the PSP go's internal memory for viewing on the go. When doing this, the video is converted to native PSP resolution. Alternatively, you can use the PSP in Remote Play mode to directly manipulate your PS3. It should be noted that in Remote Play mode, the PSP cannot be made to directly record programs to its local memory.

The application software is also internet ready. You'll be able to search the web while viewing programs. The app also has some community features, as it tallies the number of people who've viewed and recorded programs.

The Torne kit will be released some time in March. In addition to the solo ¥9980 kit, Sony will be bundling the kit with a 250 gigabyte PS3 unit. This bundle, known as the PlayStation 3 Chi-Digi Recorder Pack, will sell for ¥42,800.

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