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Pre-orders Open for Yakuza 4 Swig Set

Warning: Don't play games and drink... unless you have this special Yakuza flask.


2010's number one sign that a bum isn't really a bum? He drinks his whiskey out of this:

That's the limited edition flask that Sega will be including in a special deluxe edition of Yakuza 4, to be sold exclusively through the Sega online shop.

The deluxe pack is titled, roughly translated to English, Yakuza 4: Heir to the Legend DX Pack Rising Dragon Hip Flask Set. Priced at ¥10,290, the set includes a copy of Yakuza 4, the Kamutai Magazine pre-order bonus that will be included with all copies of the game, and the special flask.

The 170ml, 211g flask is made of stainless steel and sports a laser imprint of hero Kazuma Kiryu's dragon tattoo. The imprint design looks like this:

Yakuza 4 hits on March 18 in standard and swig friendly varieties.

On a completely unrelated Yakuza 4 note, here are some screens of the game that Sega handed out today. These were provided to promote Kenichi Endo's appearance on the Yakuza radio show. Endo plays the detective, Junji Sugiuchi, shown in the shots.

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