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Sexy Costume for Tales of Graces' Cheria

Character designer Mutsumi Inomata does the honors for this one.


Those Tales of Graces Idol Master costumes were somewhat sexy. But they've got nothing on the costume Namco Bandai unveiled today.

Cheria Barnes will get her very own "Koakuma" (Little Devil) costume shortly. This one should get more attention compared to past Graces DLC, as it was designed by character designer Mutsumi Inomata. You might remember hearing about this at December's Jump Festa.

As with all costumes, the Koakuma costume changes your character's appearance and also brings about varying status effects as rank rises.

Look for the Koakuma costume on January 20 at 13:00. As with past Graces DLC, the costume will sell for 400 WiiPoints.

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