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Sony's PS3 DVR Has Trophy Support

Watch lots of final episodes to become the master of final episodes.

Trophy whores may have to buy torne.

Sony's official spec page for its upcoming PlayStation 3 "torne" DVR kit has one particularly curious bullet point: Trophy support. How in the world will a DVR support Trophies?

Famitsu apparently has the answer in this week's issue. According to someone who obtained the magazine in advance (I'll have my Famitsu field agent verify for me later), when you view the final episode of a large number of television shows, you'll receive a trophy for "Master of Final Episodes."

I haven't seen the issue myself, so I can't verify if the magazine has any further Trophy support details. I imagine that if Sony went about implementing Trophy support they wouldn't limit it to just a single Trophy.

There may actually additional surprise features to torne outside of just Trophy support, though, based off the specs (please excuse my translations here -- I'm not familiar with English DVR/TV terminology):

  • Full High Vision Viewing and Recording
  • EPG Compatibility
  • Subtitle Broadcast Compatibility
  • Dual language compatible (I believe this is called "SAP" in some circles)
  • Can write PSP data (this presumably means that it can create a PSP native version of programs for optimal viewing when transferred to PSP)
  • Compatible with PSP remote play
  • Fast view playback
  • Visual scene search
  • Surf the net while viewing
  • Torumiru view (a means of checking the viewing trends of other viewers)
  • Trophy Functionality
  • And more...

"And more," eh?

[seen at My Game Flash]

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