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PS3 Motion Controller Pushed to Fall

Peripheral slips past Spring release period; still lacks final name.

A motion controlled demo of LittleBigPlanet at Sony's Tokyo Game Show strategy briefing.

Sony Computer Entertainment announced today a new release time frame for its upcoming PlayStation 3 Motion Controller peripheral. The much anticipated device will arrive this Fall in Japan, Asia, North America and Europe, the company said.

The device was shown in operation at the Tokyo Game Show, where it was part of a press conference demoing motion controlled versions of Resident Evil 5 Alternative Edition and LittleBigPlanet. During the press conference, the company listed a Spring time frame for the device.

A release delay would explain one of the mysteries behind Capcom's recent promotional activity for Resident Evil 5 Alternative Edition. That title was originally announced at TGS as being readied for release opposite the Motion Controller. However, Capcom has not mentioned motion controls for the game since the show. RE5 AE is now set for release in February. The fate of motion controls for the game is unclear at present.

Sony's press release today continued to refer to the device under the tentative name of "Motion Controller."

The release mentioned that the device will launch along side a robust lineup of software titles. It did not contain specifics. At TGS, Sony showed a long list of games, some new and some updates to current titles.

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