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Jorudan Issues Redo on DS Futsal Game

January title pushed to date TBA, set to receive content redo and new name.


When a game is delayed, its publisher usually issues a press release citing some generic reason like "various circumstances" or "a desire to further improve the product."

Jorudan got a little bit more specific when announcing its delay of Minna no DS Futsal 2 yesterday. The company said that it plans to redo the game's content to bring the quality up further.

That's right, a full redo! And not just on the game's content. According to the official site, the game's name has also been set as TBA. So has the price, platform, player count, and even CERO rating. Only the copyright and genre remain the same.

Perhaps Xbox 360 and PS3 owners will at long last get the item-based MMO futsal game they've been waiting for, CERO rated D because of a tie-up with Tecmo that sees the girls of DOA Paradise appear as players.

For the record, the Futsal game that was due from Jorudan this month was known as Nihon Futsal League Kounin Minna no DS Futsal 2, or, directly translated to English, Japan Futsal League Official License: Everyone's DS Futsal 2.

This is what it looked like:

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