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Bayonetta Director Hideki Kamiya Excited About After Burner

Twin Sticks support and more mentioned in new development blog.


Hideki Kamiya just directed what many are calling the best action game since sliced bread. So what game gets the Bayonetta creator excited?

The answer comes in the comments column of the first post at the After Burner Climax development blog. Writes Kamiya in comment 6, "It's Platinum Games' Kamiya. I'm seriously excited. Good luck with development!"

Kamiya is known to be a big time retro game fan. In a post from March 2009 at the Platinum Games official blog, he wrote about having recently obtained an Xbox 360. After the connecting the system to his TV via HDMI, the first game he played was Yie Ar Kung Fu.

In a subsequent post, the Climax blog confirmed that the comment was indeed posted by the real Hideki Kamiya.

Outside of Kamiya's endorsement, there are a couple of points of note in the Climax development blog.

The blog is written by Toru Murayama, director of the Xbox 360 version of Virtual On Oratorio Tangram. According to Murayama, Climax is being ported over by the team that handled the Tangram port.

Back in September, Morayama said that he was making his next Xbox Live Arcade title due to the success of Virtual On. Could Climax be the title in question or do X360 owners still have something exclusive to look forward to?

In the second blog post, Murayama responded to a question many fans have been asking about support for the Virtual On Twin Sticks EX peripheral. The game will support the device, he said. However, it will not automatically detect it. You'll have to manually change the control type. The reason for this is that it's apparently not possible to have the game differentiate between the Twin Sticks EX device and the overseas flight sticks.

Murayama also put to rest any speculation that people may have about Sega drafting Hori to create a movable cabinet peripheral for the game. "This would be impossible," said Murayama.

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