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Nomura: No on Final Fantasy VII Remake, yes on Cloud cameos

Fan favorite hero featured on the cover of Japan's biggest game magazine 13 years after his debut.


Did you know that Final Fantasy VII hero Cloud Strife was born in 1986? He met Final Fantasy VII heroine Tifa in 1995 and headed out on his fateful mission with Final Fantasy VII villain Sephiroth seven years after that. Five years later, he helped Tifa and a jive-talking Baret destroy a reactor in Midgar. This was the beginning of the original PlayStation FFVII.

(Incidentally, the 1986 and 1995 above are in Final Fantasy VII's calendar system. In this system, years post 1999 are written as 0000, 0001, 0002, etc.)

Did you also know that Final Fantasy VII other heroine Aerith dies midway through the game? If you didn't, don't blame me for spoiling it! Aerith's death and the circumstances behind it are detailed in this week's Famitsu -- in large lettering, too. This can probably be taken to mean that Square Enix approves of everyone knowing about it. I think we can officially declare this little story development no longer a spoiler.

Why is Cloud's history taken up in this week's issue of Japan's largest video game magazine when new games like Valkyria Chronicles 2 and Resonance of Fate are seeing release? Famitsu is now in the middle of a multiweek look at popular game characters. Last week's issue featured Mario. This week, Cloud gets an eight page spread, and his Advent Children figure gets the cover spotlight.

In addition to a detailed timeline of Cloud's life and a look at the many games that have featured the character, Famitsu managed to get some commentary from Tetsuya Nomura, the character's creator. Nomura shared some secrets behind the character's creation and also discussed the character's impact and possible future developments.

The original Cloud design, revealed Nomura, had the character's hair combed back, with the front standing. The style was changed because, in that form, the character did not give the impression of being a main character.

Cloud's Buster Sword also underwent some changes. While its shape has always been the same, it was smaller. Nomura noted here that as he redrew Cloud's illustration, the sword naturally got bigger and bigger.

It looks like Cloud really was Nomura's creation. Until FFVI, explained Nomura, FF series father Hironobu Sakaguchi had the final say in character settings. With FFVII, Sakguchi left these decisions to the designers, meaning Nomura was able to have a major say in the FFVII project as a whole. This is why FFVII has great meaning to him.

Nomura believes that the reason Cloud has earned such favor amongst players is because of the strong impact from his personality and from Kazushige Nojima's scenario.

On the always hot topic of future developments for the Cloud character, Nomura said the following: "Fans are looking forward to an oft rumored remake of FFVII, but I don't believe this will happen for the time being. However, it's possible that he will appear in other titles as a guest character."

So, no to this:

But yes to this:

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