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Nintendo's New DSiWare Title Encourages Environmental Awareness

Solve space junk problem in new DSi Ware puzzler from Nintendo and Mindware.


One of Nintendo's late 2009 WiiWare titles had players use the Wii Zapper to recycle cans and defeat an invading alien race. Now it's DSiWare's turn for an environment-themed game.

In Moyasu Puzzle: Flame Tail, you take control of the starship Moetail ("moe" is Japanese for "burn") and attempt to burn up space junk, represented by blocks. You move your ship around with the d-pad as a stage full of blocks scrolls from top to bottom. Your ship leaves trails of orange blocks in its wake. These blocks eventually burn, taking out blocks that they touch. You have to make sure and take out all blocks while keeping your ship from getting trapped.

As you work through the stages, you'll be able to collect items and power ups. Items include bombs, which explode when hit by your flames, and score multipliers, which multiply your score for a period of time. Powerups include missiles, which destroy all the blocks that lie ahead of you, and radar, which displays a map of the stage on the left screen, allowing you to see both what lies ahead and the position of items. The powerups come in the form of letters. Spell out the powerup's name, and you'll get the powerup.

Two modes of play are included. Space Tour is a story mode that's set in the year 20XX (the same year as Mega Man 10!) and sees your ship set off on a journey to clean up the solar system. Once you've reached a stage in this mode, you can choose to replay from that stage. Also included is Time Limit mode, a three minute score attack. You unlock courses for this by collecting meteors. These can be obtained by getting good scores in past courses and by advancing through Space Tour mode.

While sharing the environmental theme with 530 Eco Shooter, Moyasu Puzzle Flame Tail is actually based of anther WiiWare title. Titled "Shikaku," this was included in the WiiWare title Katachi no Game Maruboushikaku. Moyasu Puzzle is an arranged version of that with new features.

For videos and screens, see Nintendo's official site. Developed by Mindware and published by Nintendo, Moyasu Puzzle Flame Tail hits DSiWare tomorrow at 500 DSiPoints.

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