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I Will Not Be Live Blogging the Live Blogs of the Microsoft/Capcom Announcement

The internet will not explode until Microsoft and Capcom are damn well ready.


Even though I wasn't invited to it, I was quite excited about live blogging today's Microsoft and Capcom press conference.

I made a hasty top image:

I made a cute little introduction and updated my site's live blogging code to workable state, making sure to put it through a rigorous 15 minutes of testing:

I even moved my car into clear range of the nearby public Wi-Fi spot in case the conference went on beyond the closing time at the Borders I'm at.

But, it looks like there won't be any live blogging, and most certainly no live blogging of live blogs. Kotaku.jp posted a notice just before the event was going to kick off at 15:00:

Apparently, either Microsoft or Capcom (I'm still not sure who's hosting the event) has placed an embargo on the information from the event until 17:00.

Is this the end of live blogging from Japanese video game press conferences?

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