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Xbox Special Division is Here to Save the Day

Microsoft forms new task force to appeal directly to game characters.


Having lived through the Saturn, Dreamcast and original Xbox, I'm pretty sure that the number one sign your system is on its last legs is that the commercials start to get downright wacky.

Pity the Xbox 360, then, as it's always had bizarre spots. Even pop group Tokio looked out of place doo-wapping surrounded by 360 green.

But don't let Xbox Special Division in on this trend:

San Roku Maru (left), Division Chief Izawa (center), and Coworker Morito (right) have just now arrived on the scene to save the struggling Xbox 360 against a strengthening Wii and PS3.

According to Microsoft's new promotional site, the Xbox Special Division is out to bring top software to Xbox 360. Using their special abilities, they plan on going inside the games to make the characters realize the greatness of the Xbox 360.

I really don't know what's going on in the first video at the site, which is titled "Welcoming Party for the New Special Division Member."

The second video is titled "Monster Hunter Frontier hits Xbox 360." I think the Xbox Special Division is trying to get a Monster Hunter monster to sign a contract, but San Roku Maru pisses him off by asking him to stamp his seal on the form.

More will follow. Apparently a good amount more. I see slots for at least three additional games in addition to Monster Hunter Frontier.

Microsoft, if Dead Rising 2, Lost Planet 2 or Super Street Fighter IV are any of those three titles, no special ability will be able to save you.

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