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Close Up Look at Gears of War X Lost Planet 2

High res shots show the Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago tie-up.


Monster Hunter Frontier Online was the big news here in Japan, but on a worldwide scale, the announcement of a tie-up between Gears of War 2 and the Xbox 360 version of Lost Planet 2 was the biggest news to emerge from yesterday's "CAPCOM Title Premiere for Xbox 360" press conference. Today, Capcom provided a closer look.

You've probably already seen the promotional trailer, which shows Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago coming to the aid of a couple of snow pirates experiencing a tough fight against a giant AK beast. In case you missed it, you can stream it here:


Capcom also shared some high res images from the trailer today:

If you're interesting in making wallpapers, you can find even larger versions of the images at 4gamer.

In final form, the tie-up will see Marcus and Dominic appear in Lost Planet 2 as costumes which can be used to customize your characters.

As far as I know, Capcom has yet to provide details and screens for the game's customization system. In a past interview, producer Jun Takeuchi said that the game will allow players to customize their character's physical appearance in four areas: face, body, leg, and backpack.

We'll presumably get specifics soon, as Lost Planet 2 is now due for May 20 release.

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