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Famitsu Editor Says New Company Working on Xbox 360

Is this the handy work of the Xbox Special Division?


Can you think of a publisher who has yet to release a single Xbox 360 game? If so, you may have an idea about what's in store for the system later this year.

Famitsu Xbox 360 editor in chief Munetatsu Matsui posted a curious message at his Twitter yesterday. In attendance at a party recently, Matsui spoke to a developer who's company has yet to release a 360 title. Matsui was told that the company will sign on with the platform this year, and will release a large number of titles.

Outside of Atlus, I'm having a hard time coming up with publishers who haven't released a 360 game. Matsui could also be referring to developers, which would open up lots of additional possibilities.

Looks like the Xbox Special Division (pictured right) has been hard at work.

[Seen at My Game Flash]

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