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Sample New Pokemon, Dragon Ball Games in Advance

Nintendo gets real friendly with the demos this week.


Two of the DS's biggest upcoming releases got demos this week. And not just the retail kind. Everyone has access via the Everyone's Nintendo Channel on Wii.

A Dragon Ball Origins 2 demo hit yesterday and will be available through February 16. The demo features a special demo-only stage (that means it won't be in the final version!) which includes a control tutorial. Although Origins 2 lets you control additional characters, the demo appears to be just Goku.

Scenes from the full Dragon Ball Origins 2 release (not the demo).

Pokemon Ranger: Path of Light also took delivery of a demo yesterday. This demo shows off the game's new Ranger Sign system, which lets you call out Pokemon by drawing special symbols with the stylus.

If you have the Ranger demo, try inputting these symbols to get Eevie and Croagunk:

Both the Dragon Ball and Pokemon demos will also be available at DS Station and Nintendo Zone over the next couple of days.

Dragon Ball hits on February 11. Pokemon hits on March 6.

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