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PS3 Thexder Neo Hits Today

Square Enix brings the classic Gamearts shooter to the PS3 worldwide.


PlayStation Portable players have been enjoying Thexder Neo since last October. Now PlayStation 3 owners can get in on the fun.

Square Enix made available a PS3 version of the title today. Thexder Neo is available for download from PlayStation Store for ¥1,500. The game is being made available worldwide simultaneously.

Thexder Neo is a new entry in Gamearts' Thexder action shooting series that first appeared on PCs in 1985. The update for 2010 (2009 when the PSP version came out) adds new modes, including a six player online battle mode.

The PS3 version of the game updates the visuals to full HD. Additionally, Square Enix has thrown in the original PC-8801mkIISR version of the game in unaltered state.

You can see video clips of the game at the official site.

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