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Sakaguchi Focused on The Last Story

And, of course, legos.


Mistwalker CEO Hironobu Sakaguchi is a big shot producer, so it's likely that he handles multiple projects at once. At present, however, his focus is on one project in particular: The Last Story.

In his latest post at the Mistwalker blog, Sakaguchi said of the recently announced Wii RPG, "At present, I'm focused on this one game. It's my only project."

He likened development of the game to raising a lone daughter, although he later noted that the game is actually like a child who's receiving the love of the entire development staff. "It will be raised strongly, beautifully, and gently," said Sakaguchi.

While The Last Story is Sakaguchi's only game project, he does still find time for hobbies. In the blog post, you'll see his latest lego creation. He put the ship together while waiting for the relevant assembly documents to download.

Sakaguchi's latest creation.

The download process apparently takes an hour due to the slow internet speeds in Hawaii. It looks like Sakaguchi is away from Japan at present.

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