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Tecmo Koei Delays Major Releases

Quantum Theory and Trinity Zill O'll Zero pushed back to TBA.


Tecmo Koei announced today delays for two upcoming games, one each under the Koei and Tecmo labels.

From the Tecmo label, Quantum Theory will miss its its March 25 release. The action shooting game, recently announced to be multiplatform for Xbox 360 and PS3, is now marked release TBA.

From the Koei label, Trinity Zill O'll Zero will miss its March time frame. The PS3 RPG, a new entry in the Zill 0'll series that's being developed by Dynasty Warriors developer Omega Force, has also been flagged as release TBA.

Quantum Theory (left) and Trinity (right).

For both delays, Tecmo Koei cited a need to improve quality. The company felt that additional time was needed in order to meet consumer expectations.

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