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Dead or Alive Paradise Does Not Run at 720p

Kasumi and Lisa's Paradise background "stories" with impossibly high resolution gravure imagery. Plus, a look at the "other" bathing suit!


Tecmo's latest Dead or Alive Paradise media blast imagines what would happen if Ken Kutaragi had really entered the 4th dimension and managed to give PSP 720p output.

Here's a look at two of Dead or Alive Paradise's heroines in impossibly high resolution. The images are typical Team Ninja stuff -- in-game models rendered in super duper high res. No complaints here! Who'd want to look at these girls at low PSP res?

To the left, poster girl Kasumi, voiced by Houko Kuwashima. Kasumi has heard that her brother Hayate is on New Zack Island. She thinks this strange, but heads out to the southern island once again.

Here are Kasumi's vitals:




[dt]Three Sizes[/dt][dd]B89/W54/H85cm[/dd]

[dt]Birthday[/dt][dd]February 23[/dd]


[dt]Blood Type[/dt][dd]A[/dd]

[dt]Interests[/dt][dd]Fortune Telling[/dd]

[dt]Likes[/dt][dd]Strawberry Mille-feuille[/dd]

[dt]Favorite Color[/dt][dd]Sakura[/dd]


Kasumi is joined this week by Lisa, voiced by Maya Sakamoto. Lisa was formerly lead researcher at DOATEC but lost her job after the organization's collapse. At present, she appears to be busy with her second job. Lisa was a volleyball player in her school years.

Here are Lisa's vitals:




[dt]Three Sizes[/dt][dd]B92/W56/H86cm[/dd]

[dt]Birthday[/dt][dd]July 20[/dd]


[dt]Blood Type[/dt][dd]A[/dd]


[dt]Likes[/dt][dd]Cherry Pie[/dd]

[dt]Favorite Color[/dt][dd]Crimson Red[/dd]


Joining our looks at these two characters, Tecmo provided a closer look at the game's packages and bonus items.

As previously detailed, Paradise will be available in three packages: a standard game-only version priced at ¥4,980, a "Secret Paradise Box" priced at ¥7,329, and ¥15,729 bundle combing the Secret Paradise Box with a Kasumi figure.

The Secret Paradise Box includes a standard retail version of the game, a DOA Secret Photo Book, a CD featuring "secretly" recorded voice sequences and a soundtrack, and a an original box featuring an original Kasumi drawing.

The Kasumi Figure bundle adds a 1/6 scale Kasumi figure. As previously announced, the swimwear for this figure is changeable. Tecmo provided a closer look at both swimsuits.

Love that water! No wait! Love that thong! No wait! Love that second suit with its "Dead or Alive Extreme 2" logo!

Now how exactly will you change the swimwear on that thing? Hmm...

As previously announced, those who pre-order Dead or Alive Paradise -- any version -- will get an "original bath poster" featuring Hitomi. What exactly is an "original bath poster?" This:

The poster apparently sticks to things by just applying water. Tecmo suggests that you spend time with the girls even when bathing.

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