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Chinese Wii Fit Knockoff Discovered

Or is it a Wii Sports knockoff? Or maybe a DanceDance knockoff? Something is getting knocked off.


Seen at Nikkei BP:

Does this Chinese knockoff knock off Wii Fit or Wii Sports? Or maybe both? I can't tell if the name is iFit or iFit Sports or iFit Game Sports.

The Nikkei article says it's "iFit." But Konami's DanceDanceRevolution may be the game getting greatly flattered here. The iFit set includes a giant DanceDance-like mat rather than a balance board. (The Balance Wii Board-like device in the Nikkei shots is an actual Balance Wii Board, shown for comparison purposes).

iFit connects directly to your TV and includes at least 15 activities. You'll find yoga, muscle training, cardio training, and even balance games.

According to the Nikkei report, some of the included games seem like they were just hastily adapted for mat-based play. A car racing game requires that you sit on one end of the mat and tap the other end of the mat with your feet to steer. The Nikkei writer was unable to do this, even at 170cm height.

Maker Subor may have replicated the name, but they were unable to replicate Nintendo's graphic design, as shown in this video Nikkei shot of the included marathon game:

There are more videos in the Nikkei story.

This knockoff of... I guess it's just Wii Fit... will run you the equivalent of ¥3,800. They're sold at regular toy stores in China.

While iFit is not a Wii product, Subor can apparently take care of you there too:

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