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Shame on you, Famitsu.com

Shame on you? Shame on me!


This is what the top of Famitsu.com looks like:

Come to think of it, it's what the top of my site looks like too :(

That naked girl at the top of Famitsu isn't really naked. The sequence of events leading up to her looking like she is naked goes a little something like this:

Apparently, she's asleep. A magic finger makes the covers erase. She wakes and just can't contain her embarrassment.

In addition to sneaking up girls while they sleep, this new iPhone app lets you sneak up on girls like it should be done: from behind.

The app includes three gravure idols, Natsume Sano, Hikari Suzui, and Nana Kokubo, each with three poses. Rub them until their unmentionables are showing, and they'll show off a sexy pose of some form.

Want to rub your screen to erase the clothing off hot gravure idols? Then Coscos Touch Girl awaits on the App Store for a mere ¥230.

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