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Tales of Download Content

Graces and Vesperia get new paid content shortly.


Monday brought about a double dose of Tales download content news. Both Vesperia (the PS3 version) and Graces (I don't think there's a PS3 version yet) are getting new content shortly.

The Graces content, round 5 for the Wii RPG, will arrive on February 10 at 13:00 sharp (you'll recall that Namco Bandai, for some reason, specifies an exact time of arrival for its Graces content). Pascal and Hubert will get new costumes, both created by Tales series character designer Mutsumi Inomata.

Fuwa Fuwa Fur

Pascal's outfit is named "Fuwa Fuwa Fur." "Fuwa Fuwa" can be translated to fluffy, or light. Rather than turning Pascal into a stuffed animal, though, the costume is western-themed.

Strata Kaijin

Hubert's outfit is Strata Kajin. I'm not sure how to translate this, but "Strata Mystery Man" might work.

Each costume runs 400 WiiPoints.

Vesperia's download content, round 4 for the PS3 version of the game, is the "Ultimate Equipment Edition." It will be available on February 10 (Namco Bandai does not specify a precise time of availability for its Vesperia DLC).

Each character has a costume themed around their ultimate weapons from the game. The costumes are just that, though. They won't actually make your characters stronger.

As with all Vesperia costumes, Namco Bandai has given interesting (well, I find them interesting at least!) names to these:

Yuri: Golden Sword

Estel: Royal Heart

Karol: Brave Vesperia

Rita: Force Master

Raven: Dark Glorious

Judtih: Dragonic Lancer

Repede: Whirlwind

Flynn: Archlord

Patty: Pirate Queen

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