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Level-5 Working on New Wii and PS3 Titles

CEO Akihiro Hino hints at new projects during recent speech.


Aside from the recent White Knight Chronicles, Level-5 has come to be known mostly for its portable hits like Professor Layton and Inazuma Eleven. But the Fukuoka developer does seem to have big plans for consoles.

As reported today at Dengeki Online, Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino hinted at these console plans during a company introduction speech given to new graduates at the C.C. Lemon Hall in Tokyo's Shibuya Ward on the 9th (we'll ignore for now that Shibuya has a hall named after a beverage).

During a Q&A session at the event, Hino was asked if the studio plans on releasing new console titles as a publisher. Hino's response was that Level-5 signed on with DS because they thought the system was a perfect fit for releasing new titles. They're also researching consoles, however, and they even have unannounced PS3 and Wii titles.

Currently, Level-5's known upcoming console projects are White Knight Story 2 and Inazuma Eleven Break!. Break! is widely believed to be in development for Wii and, depending on how loosely Hino is using the terms "unannounced" could be the Wii title he's alluding to. White Knight has been formally announced for the PS3, but is not a Level-5 published game.

Level-5 also originally mentioned console plans for Ni no Kuni, but never clarified. Currently, the Studio Ghibli tie-up is DS-only.

Typical of a Level-5 presentation, this event consisted of more than just Hino speaking from behind a podium. Antics included comedy duo America Zarigani and talent Akimasa Haraguchi acting out a scene inside Level-5 headquarters. Visit the Dengeki article for pics.

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