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Date Set for PS3 Digital Video Recorder Torne

USB device hits right on schedule, on March 18. Sony staging retail tour later this month.

The contents of the main Torne kit.

PS3's digital video recording device, Torne, got a whole lot realer (is that a word?) today with Sony's announcement of a final release date.

Previously set with a general March date, Sony will now release Torne on March 18. The device will carry its previously announced price of ¥9,980.

Joining Torne on the 18th will be the PlayStation 3 Terrestrial Digital Recorder Pack, which bundles Torne with a 250 gigabyte PS3 at ¥42,800. This is a limited edition device.

Torne is a USB device which converts your PS3 into a digital video recorder. In addition to being able to record programs to your PS3's hard disk, the device comes with a fast programming guide created by Sony's game designers.

Sony previously made Torne available for sampling at the World Hobby Fair. A more general retail demo tour will start on the 20th at the Sony Building in Ginza and at various other retailers. 4gamer has a full schedule for those who want to try in advance.

Sony's promotional materials for Torne make particular note of the high speed interface.
Torne can also send videos out to the PSP.

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