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New Virtua Fighter 5 Set for Arcades

R is over. Time for the final showdown.


Sega was about due for a new Virtua Fighter, and today's AOU amusement expo served as the launch point for just that.

The company took the veil off a Virtua Fighter 5 R followup, Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown. The title was shown in a trailer, which you can see here:


Aside from the title and video, Sega did not share any details on the game. But in a post at his blog, Virtua Fighter 5 director Daiichi Katagiri said that fans should be able to read a lot from the video, which shows new costumes and moves.

Katagiri also offered an assurance for those who are worried about continuing play of R. The items that you've gotten in R will carry over to Final Showdown. A compatibility page Sega set up today states that your titles, items, fight money, item tickets and team items can be carried over.

For those who'd rather see screens than view the video, I've grabbed some still frames from the trailer. Enjoy:

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