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Taito Unveils New Arcade Titles at AOU

Two new "no thought" games, including latest gun shooting game.


Taito was promising two new titles for the AOU arcade show, and that's just what they delivered. At the show, the company revealed the two promised games to be two new entries in its "No Kou" ("No Thought") series of casual titles.

First up is Gaia Attack 4, a four player gun shooting game. Players make use of what Taito says is an extremely light gun with rumble. The gameplay is said to be simple, making the title good for female audiences and kids.

The other new title is Hopping Road Kids, a followup to Hopping Road, one of the first No Kou series titles. Like the original Hopping Road, this game has players jump up and down on a "Hopping Board" control unit to make animals run through a course. With its smaller sized cabinet, the game appeals to kids ages 5 to 9. Arcade operators can link up standard Hopping Road units with Hopping Road kids, allowing adults and children to play together.

Also new in Taito's booth was the previously announced Music Gun Gun Kyoku Ippai Chouzoukaban!, an expansion for musical gun shooting game Music Gun Gun. The update includes 2.5 times the songs of the original, totaling 80, including classics and popular hits. The game has also been balanced to be easier for children to follow the rhythm. Advanced players will also find that the extremely difficult mode has been made even harder.

Taito has also powered up its collaboration with virtual idol Hatsune Miku for the title. Hatsune Miku will appear in the game in a "Muse Police" outfit. Players can also look forward to fan selected songs and illustrations.

You can see more about these games at Taito's special AOU page.

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