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Konami Planning to Sell 3D Glasses for Metal Gear Arcade

Buy your own glasses. Or just play in 2D!


Konami provided a look at Metal Gear Arcade just prior to the AOU arcade expo where it was scheduled to go playable for the first time.

Some players expressed horror at the sight of this:

Did Konami really expect players to put those goggles on their face? After possibly many hundreds of (sweaty) game players had worn them?

This actually may not be a concern. 4gamer, in its writeup on the game, notes that a pamphlet handed out by Konami at AOU mentions a "3D Goggle Sales Unit." It appears that Konami will be selling the goggles to interested parties.

The actual goggles look like this, shown next to the gun unit:

You can see a live picture of these in this mobile blog post from Ryan (who apparently waited two hours to play!).

The head tracking unit means there's a bit extra complexity to the device than just the plastic goggles you got when you watched Avatar. To be honest, though, it's unclear how Konami plans on selling the goggles, or how complex the tracking unit really is.

The gun controller is actually far more complex, with a myriad of buttons for firing, using items, changing weapons, moving, and even locking your viewpoint. They probably won't allow you to buy your own gun in a vending machine (although I know some people who'd bite!).

Incidentally, Metal Gear Arcade can be played in 2D if you like. Gpara reports that there's a button for switching the 3D effect off.

Gigazine posted brief impressions of the game along with close-up shots and videos.

You can stream the videos here:

Adjusting the sight controller sensor:

Gameplay movie:

Gameplay movie 2:

According to the Gigazine report, the game includes multiplayer combat modes both online and within the arcade, with up to eight units linkable. There's also a single player mission mode.

Writes the Gigazine reporter: "This is what it looks like when you're playing. If you wear a suit, you look extremely cool."

Tickets that you've earned following combat can be used to purchase weapons and equipment for customizing your character. As you might have read at our event mobile blog, the game will have over 80 customizable weapons.

For a closer look at Metal Gear Arcade, check out this gameplay trailer at Konami's official site. Konami distributed a few screenshots at AOU. I've included the shots here.

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