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Gundam VS Producer Promises Extreme Evolution For New Arcade Title

Arcade goers can expect location test this summer.


Namco Bandai announced its new Gundam VS arcade game at the AOU arcade event on Friday. The full name of the game is "Gundam Extreme VS." Extreme versus what?

Actually, the "Extreme" part of the title appears to be the theme for the game's development. Producer Ryuichiro Baba, speaking at a stage event at the show promised "extreme evolution" for the series with the new title.

The first area of evolution is in the game's graphics. Previous titles have run on the PlayStation 2-based System 246 board. The new game ups the horsepower to the PlayStation 3-based System 357 board.

Namco Bandai shared some images of the game with the press. It's unclear if these are actual screens or concept images.

The basics of the game will remain the same, with a standard eight-way joystick and four button setup along with the 2on2 gameplay for which the VS series is known. According to a report at Impress Watch, the game will focus on ground-based combat and do away with space combat. Baba said to expect additional functionality appropriate of the "Extreme Evolution" theme.

Expected of any Gundam game, Namco Bandai is already making a big fuss over the new Mobile Suit additions. Baba said to expect a number of Mobile Suits that have not appeared in past VS titles. The Impress Watch report claims to have seen Zudah from MS IGLOO and Crossbone Gundam X1 from Crossbone Gundam in in the AOU trailer. Both of these would be firsts for the series.

Gundam Extreme VS is set for Fall 2010 release. However, players will get an early chance at the title through location tests, which Baba said to expect for the summer.

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