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Sweet Resonance of Fate Custom/Premium Themes

Xbox 360 and PS3 owners alike can deck their system out in tri-Ace's latest RPG.


Check out these sweet Resonance of Fate Custom Themes:

The "Custom" just means they're for PS3. Sega is offering two PS3 themes. The "A-type" theme displays one of five character backgrounds randomly each time your power up. The "B-type" theme (the upper left one, I believe) is all Reanbell (Leanne). Each theme runs ¥300.

While you're here anyway, check out this sweet Resonance of Fate Premium Theme:

The "Premium" just means it's for Xbox 360. The theme includes settings from various areas of the game. Pricing for this is set at 250 Microsoft Points.

All this digital console bling is available for download now.

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