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Konami and Namco Bandai Show Latest at AOU

Without these two, where would we get our arcade fix of rhythm gaming and pirate blasting?


Metal Gear Arcade and Gundam Extreme VS were the big AOU titles from Konami and Namco Bandai. But both companies also had lower profile titles on display. Here are some details on those, based mostly off reports from game sites that were in attendance.


Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3DX Plus

This latest entry in the Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune series of street racers adds 2007's Nissan GT-R and 1970's Nissan Skyline GT-R vehicles, along with all new parts for modifying your cars.

There's also a new course, set on the Fukuoka City Highway. This features realistic recreations of the Fukuoka skyline (?) and is, according to Impress Watch's impressions, a rough ride, with lots of ups and downs providing for jump opportunities.

Arcade operators will appreciate the new "Event Mode," which makes it easy to create and manage tournaments.

Dead Storm Pirates

This 2D gun shooting game puts two players in the role of a pirate in a hunt for treasure. The guns come into play because of all the ghost pirates you encounter out on the seas.

The game's cabinet is curtained, blocking off light from the outside. In addition to a large screen and 5.1 channel sound system, the seat moves with the motions of the boat, getting you closer to the action.

Helping to give the impression of being on a boat, there's a wheel controller in the center of the unit. During event scenes, you're required to move this left and right.

As with most gun games, you're primarily responsible for taking out targets with your gun controller. There's no need to reload, and no worry about running out of ammo. Impress Watch also notes that the game sometimes puts players in control of a large cannon.

There's some extra benefit when playing as two. Both players can target the same spot for a larger, more powerful attack. Additionally, when continuing, you'll recover your friend's life.

Terminator Salvation

Namco Bandai was showing the English language version of this light gun game which is based off the Terminator Salvation movie. A Japanese language version is also in the works.



The latest GuitarFreaks includes over 600 songs. Konami has made some changes to the guitar peripheral, upping the button count from three to five and adding foot pedals and switches.

The guitar can also detect motion. When the screen prompts you to "shake," for instance, you shake the guitar while pressing the corresponding buttons.

A release is set for March.


Like GuitarFreaks, this latest DrumMania includes over 600 songs. The input device has gotten more complex here too, with the addition of a left symbol, left pedal and floor tom. The cabinet floor includes a built in bass shaker, allowing players to feel the beat.

DanceDanceRevolution X2

The catch copy for this latest DDR title is "You'll Definitely Dance, Your Feet Will Move More." The big feature for X2 is the inclusion of "Happy" and "Pro" modes. Happy targets beginners with a selection of classics as well as easier note patterns. Pro is for advanced players and allows for "Double" play, where one player uses the panels designed for two players.

A release is set for June.

jubeat knit

The third entry in the jubeat series follows up on jubeat ripples. The basics of the game -- tapping 16 panels when prompted -- remain the same. New for knit is Tag Entry, where two competitors use their combined score to enter a tournament, and Different Difficulty Matching, where players of different difficulty levels can compete as long as the song is the same.

A release is set for Summer.

Quiz Magic Academy VII

The latest entry in Konami's quiz series features new characters, new question types, and a new cooperative play mode where players team up to work through dungeons. A release is set for March.

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