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Sony Sucks Networking Business Out of SCE

Corporate shuffle designed to strengthen networking prowess of Sony Group as a whole.


Sony announced today a restructuring plan for Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE), its 100% wholly owned subsidiary that handles the PlayStation business.

On April 1, SCE will see its name changed to SNE Platform. Sony will form a new company, also called Sony Computer Entertainment, that will take over the areas of the current SCE's business related to the planning, development, production and sales of video game software and hardware. SNE Platform, left with the current SCE's networking business, will be absorbed into Sony.

On paper, the Sony Computer Entertainment that has been publishing games since 1993 and launched the PlayStation brand will cease to exist. However, with the new company named Sony Computer Entertainment, it's doubtful that anyone will notice.

Sony's hope in performing this convoluted maneuver is to strengthen the networking business of the entire Sony Group. By absorbing SCE's networking business, Sony Group will end up with a single networking division across all its businesses.

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