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DoDonPachi Bug Fix Pushed Back Again

Arika's Ichiro Mihara wants to die.


Arika vice president Ichiro Mihara posted this at his blog today:

"Regarding the 360 Daioujou...

I'm tired. I want to die.

Although, I won't die."

Mihara's post might have been related to a notice from 5pb., made public on the 25th, stating that it's going to take a bit longer to offer players a bug fix patch for Xbox 360's DoDonPachi Daioujou Black Label Extra. 5pb. says that after consultations with Microsoft, it determined that the issues with the game are even deeper than they thought. They'll be working with Microsoft to investigate the matter.

5pb. has been promising a patch for the 360 shooter port since early last year, when it pulled the game from shelves, eventually revealed that the port had been produced using stolen code. The update was most recently promised for January release, but 5pb. announced in February that some technical issues forced a delay.

DoDonPachi on Xbox 360.

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