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BlazBlue Staff Selects Top Fan Art

Winning artwork to be included with home version of BlazBlue Continuum Shift.


BlazBlue is known for its eye catching visuals. And it's not just because of that still rare combination of HD and 2D. The game's artwork and unique character designs have also proven a big draw for fans.

It's not just the pros at Arc System Works who are producing fine BlazBlue art. The fans recently had a chance to show off their skills via an official illustration contest, held in commemoration of PSP BlazBlue Portable's release today.

Arc accepted submissions between January 7 and February 12. The top winners are as follows.

The Top Prize went to Seisen, who said that he originally considered drawing his favorite character, but likes all the characters so much that he put all the main characters together. The characters are all charming, so drawing them was enjoyable, he said.

An Excellence Award went to Hyopi, for his drawing of Noel and Tsubaki. When playing the game, he uses Tsubaki.

Another Excellence Award went to SIL9 for a drawing of Bang. He says that he still doesn't forget the shock he had when he first saw Bang moving around on the screen.

Also mentioned were the following drawings from (from top to bottom) Ed, Shiroi, Popo, and Haru.

These winning submissions will be included with the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of BlazBlue Continuum Shift.

Arc will be be sharing more artwork submissions at the BlazBlue official site.

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