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Inside Games Investigates Nintendo's Budget Lineup

Just how different are those packages?


Video game collectors tend to hate buying budget versions due to the horrendous markings on the packaging. You know, this kind of ugliness:

Nintendo's Minna no Osusume Selection is no different. The packages look like this:

But as you might have previously heard, the red cover is actually removable. So does this mean your low priced Wii selection will look like the real thing?

Inside games opened the 428 package to find out. According to the site, once the cover slip is removed, the game case, both front and back, looks almost identical to the standard price version.

The only differences are a small red warning on the back which warns that the game is the same as a game that was released in the past, and the listing of support for Classic Controller Pro.

Inside Games also reports that the budget version can be registered with Club Nintendo even if you've already registered the full price version. The Club Nintendo system handles them separately.

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