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.hack//Link Features Tales of Graces Costumes

A close up look at the bonus content for this latest .hack game.


.hack's Haseyo character is voiced by Takahiro Sakurai. Its Ovan character is voiced Hiroki Touchi. These two respectively serve as the voices of Tales of Graces' Asbel and Malik.

As announced last November, Namco Bandai is celebrating this connection via the .hack//Link pre-order bonus disc.

The .hack//Dramatic DVD includes the following:

  • Special Skit Drama
  • Tokyo Game Show 2009 Special Stage Digest
  • Special Interview with Touchi and Sakurai
  • .hack//Link Opening Movie
  • .hack//Link Promotion Video Collection

The skit will be performed by the two busy voice actors.

Namco Bandai also detailed one additional tie-up between the two franchises today. The back of the DVD jacket includes a code which can be used to unlock Graces clothing for .hack//Link. You'll be able to make Haseyo dress like Asbel and Ovan dress like Malik.

That's just the pre-order bonus. Both the standard and limited editions of the game also come with a special digest DVD titled .hack//historical Disc.

As previously announced, this disc includes digest footage from .hack, .hack//GU, and the four .hack animes. Here's a look:

.hack//Legend of the Twilight

With this disc, even .hack newcomers should be able to enjoy the new PSP title when it hits retail on March 4.

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