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Would You Like Some Mega Man Drops?

And something about a challenge mode or something or other.


Hey, did you know that Mega Man 10's Challenge Mode has been powered up? Well it's true! The official site says so.

Mega Man 10's challenge mode gradually teaches players the basics of Mega Man control. The challenges require that you complete certain tasks, and vary in difficulty. After the challenge, you'll receive a medal depending on your performance.

Capcom says that beginner players who clear the challenges will be able to play Mega Man like a pro. Of course, advanced players will also find plenty of challenge in this mode.

But who cares about Mega Man the game. There's more Mega Man food to talk about today:

These "Rockman Sakuma Drops" were apparently made in the image of Mega Man 10's story. The can includes eight flavors, with colors to match Mega Man's colors as he equips his various weapons in the game. The drops will be available on March 6 at select shops, priced at ¥350 a can.

Capcom also has the Rockman E Can Drink available now, and has the Holy Crap It's Big: E Can Cushions set for release in early March:

Combine all these Mega Man products and play Mega Man 10 (on your HDTV and Xbox 360 and PS3 for best effect) to scare people away.

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